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Cultivating Your Personal Brand

By: Lauren Niemeyer

The process of creating your own personal brand happens subconsciously every day. From the way you speak, write and communicate you develop an individual personality that distinguishes you from anyone else. When creating a brand image for businesses, the process happens more deliberately than individuals. In social media branding, you consider the audience, your perceived tone, the mission statement, business objectives and design.

The use of color, type, visuals and writing elements all play important roles in the branding of your personal image. Developing a logo, color palette, portfolio and deliverables promotes your image in the manner you desire.

Over the past few months, I have spent considerable time researching and developing the brand I want to embody for my personal image. Along the way, I have played with color palettes, fonts, typography and tone. I have taken away a few important elements that have helped establish the image I desire. Here are some constructive tips I found valuable:

Establish a unique tone of voice.

Most importantly, you need to establish a unique tone of voice that attracts your intended audience and separates your brand from others. Branding is important beyond the physical appearance, but also the way you use words. Whether you intend to create a sophisticated brand or a casual, friendly image your voice needs to stay consistent. The tone across all of your platforms such as your portfolio, social media accounts and emails must have a consistent voice and look.

The best way to establish your tone is to practice with typography and explore the language of other brands. You can search for examples of similar individuals and brands and replicate font and voices that reflect your image. A popular method is to research brands you most commonly interact with, such as your favorite clothing stores, sports clubs and nonprofits that embody the characteristics you have.

Develop a tailored look.

Commonly, the most fun and creative step to building a personal brand is designing your look. This step plays with colors, fonts, graphics, logos and more. When developing your personal brand, one of the most important tips is to create a look that is tailored to reflect your personality. If your physical appearance is chic and sophisticated, you would consider using sharp fonts, neutral colors and classic imaging. If your appearance is friendly and vibrant, you would consider using creative fonts like cursive, pops of bright colors and humorous imaging. The design you choose to represent your image will designate your brand as your own. This allows friends, family and customers to recognize your brand when they see a certain logo or design.


As previously discussed in personalizing your tone, consistency is possibly the largest relevance to your brand image. When you have established all the design elements necessary to your brand, your goal is to use that same image across all platforms. Such as using the same font on all pages of your portfolio, your social media and your deliverables. You also want to approach all clients and customers in the same manner. You will build a positive reputation by communicating to every client in a consistent tone.

Cultivating your personal brand image is important for many moments in your life. Whether you want to create a personal brand for a business, social media image or commonly job opportunities, there is a value in setting yourself apart from the competition and distinguishing individualization.


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