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By: Reilly Nelson

When I was 8, adult looked like my Mother going to her eight to five every day. At 10,

adult looked like my sister studying for college exams. At 18, adult looked like those senior

sorority sisters who exuded maturity and had an aura of confidence floating around them at all times. As a twenty-two-year-old, adult has come to mean something entirely new and

unexpected. Surprisingly, as it turns out, I’ve been prepping for this adulting-thing for a while


I always thought at a certain age or at some life milestone, I’d finally be ready to be okay

with being called an “adult.” For me though, the diploma becomes the key I need to enter the

real world, the world were responsibilities pile up, and success is entirely up to me to achieve.

Scary...I know, right?

Whether you found potential employment through an internship or only have your school

experience or your portfolio to show, these couple tips will hopefully inspire a calmer post-grad adventure.

Don’t Compare Yourself to your Friends

Thanks to your four glorious four years on your own, you have probably gained a close-

knit group of friends through greek-life, clubs, jobs, internships and a lot who also studied your major. You should stay connected to these people but, unfortunately, there’s a decent chance one of them will become successful almost immediately after walking at graduation. They will get a dream job with great pay, live in a hot metropolis and make it seem as though finding a dream job is as easy as pie. Social media certainly will be a factor in making you happy and jealous, but you should just avoid comparisons altogether. There’s no scientific method or timeframe for getting a job, so be patient and do you.

Don’t Neglect Your Portfolio

Based on your career choice, you may or may not need a portfolio or a body of work to

present to potential employers. If you do need it, don’t forget about it because your teachers are no longer giving you weekly assignments. Create the animation you’ve had in the back of your mind for a while, shoot the short film or create blueprints and build something. You probably won’t impress employers by only having that sick painting you did three semesters ago, so while you’re hunting for a job, keep creating impressive pieces that will convince others you’re serious about your future.

Loans and Finance

You’ll be making money moves after graduation. As a recent college grad, you ’ll

probably have considerable debt from your education. If you aren’t part of the lucky few who pay them off before graduation, you better not forget about them once school is over. Take full advantage of the Internet with a load of YouTube videos or blogs about personal finance and investing. Learn to use your money for your past, present, and future. Here’s an article full of finance blogs for young adults Adulting doesn’t come naturally. But, once you’re thrown into it without choice; you’ll have to learn quickly. I hope these couple tips will be in the back of your mind once you cross that stage in your cap and gown and officially define yourself as adult-ish.


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