All Hands on Deck

Our Leadership


Account executives act as the intermediary between clients and Jacht. It’s their job to make sure everyone is clear on the strategy that has been agreed upon while making sure the team as well as the client is in the loop with any significant decisions about the campaign.

Brand Strategists

Brand strategists are responsible for deciding whether a client is in need of a full rebrand or just a simple recalibration and the journey each path will take. These decisions are key as they will influence the rest of the creative process

Social Media Strategists

It's the social media strategists' job to make sure that both Jacht’s and our clients’ social media presences are active and staying on brand at all times.


As the primary storytellers of Jacht, copywriters craft versatile, compelling copy to illustrate brand stories and raise awareness. Being able to write copy in various voices is crucial


From filming to editing, the multimedia team creates visual content that brings Jacht’s vision to life.

Graphic Designers

Graphic designers create any visual content for Jacht and our clients whether it be featured on a website or in a video. 


We take brands and

people to new places. 


151 N 8th St

Lincoln, NE 68508

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