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All Hands on Deck


Admirals of the agency who motivate the smooth sailing of Jacht, inspiring each Jacht crew to spare no effort.

Account Executives

Liaisons between clients and the creative team that keeps everyone in the loop.

Business Development 

Wayfinders who analyze business processes and identify agency growth opportunities.

Public Relations Specialists

Curators who create and maintain favorable media relations with client brands.

Human Resources Specialists

Professionals who orchestrate recruitment efforts, formulate policies, and contribute to the holistic well-being of employees.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Specialists

Spirited initiators who advance diversity and inclusion initiatives and enhance workplace culture.

Brand Strategists

Navigators behind an unswerving creative direction and effective brand messages supported by rigorous research.

Social Media Strategists

Planners who realize the brand awareness you hope to achieve on social media.

Data Analyst

Interpreters that collect, process, and analyze data to extract meaningful insights that can inform business decisions and strategies.


Persuaders who craft memorable prose that inspires and motivate thought and action.


Creators of the visual magic of animation, audio, and video that brings your vision to life.


Photographers work to capture events, people, and spaces, framing and editing every shot to fit within each brand’s scheme.

Multimedia Strategists 

Multimedia strategists pool their talents and resources with photographers and videographers to design and create multimedia content strategies. 

Graphic Designers & Web

Visual communicators who create visual concepts that communicate captivate consumers.


Overseers of Jacht that ensure that we never sail off-course, adhering to our mission of exploring creative ingenuity and creating high-quality work that our clients love. 

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