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About us

Founded in 2010 by Professor Amy Struthers, Ph.D., Jacht started as a small agency with an investment secured by Nebraska Global. Jacht, a Dutch term that means “onward,” has fueled the agency’s commitment to moving its clients forward. Struthers served as director of Jacht until 2018, when Jemalyn Griffin took over as director. The original team was made up of only 13 members, but has grown to over 50 members in its first decade as an agency, including students and faculty directors. The Jacht experience equips students with the tools to embrace challenge, dive into curiosity, and leave a lasting legacy.

Jacht’s services have shifted throughout the years, but have always focused on branding, design, photo and video, social media and strategy. Within the last year, Jacht has also added a Public Relations team to expand its client reach.

Our Mission

Jacht’s mission is to bring people and brands to new places through seeking meaningful challenges, turning insights into action and establishing a presence.


Our Values

We’re passionate about what we do.

We are fearless in the pursuit of big dreams and the never-thought-of. Our love for what we do powers our creativity and our drive to never stop learning.

We embrace a collaborative, eager culture.

Success follows teamwork. We engage and gain inspiration from each other to form a team greater than the sum of its individuals.

We communicate and encourage dialogue.

We listen to understand. The best things happen when we bring our ideas together and let everyone be heard.

We seek meaningful challenges.

Dream big, reach high. We take the initiative to create opportunities

to hone our skills and maximize potential.

We work hard and produce creative solutions.

We deliver unique narratives and

push each other to advance in personal growth and creative exploration.

We spark insight into action.

As doers, we push for innovative excellence as we put our ideas into motion.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Jacht is strongly committed to creating and maintaining a workplace culture that is inclusive and appreciative of all individual differences, where all may feel at home, whatever their race, gender, age, sexual orientation, faith, abilities, or other identifying characteristics. We believe that diversity of thought stimulates creativity and innovation, enriching our work with varied experiences, knowledge, and perspectives.



Jacht takes our students on new endeavors to become leaders who make a difference, creating a legacy of creativity and innovation. Students the unique opportunity to gain real-world experience running an advertising agency, providing professional development programs, access to workspaces and technology to help students develop their skill set and propel them into notable careers. Each semester, Jacht welcomes a new crew of diverse, talented and energetic students representing various university interests ranging from advertising and public relations to business administration. At the agency, our students gain valuable experience and insights as they hone their skill sets and seek out meaningful challenges in the pursuit of big ideas.

You can help Jacht provide the best resources for our students. Investing in Jacht is investing in the next generation of the local community.

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Now accepting clients for Fall 2024

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