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Welcome to Jacht!

Jacht is a full-service, student-run advertising agency in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Our team is full of talented individuals who work with a range of

clients to build brands  they’re truly proud of.

Better Your Business

See yourself as a brand, not just a company. What do you want your clients to say about you? What sets you apart from the competition? Keeping a consistent voice and appearance is key to creating a solid brand platform. Each department does its part to ensure client work stays on brand at all times.

Prepare for Your Future

Surround yourself with high-achieving, determined individuals who are fearless in the pursuit of sharing their big ideas. We pride ourselves on being a collaborative space filled with the eagerness of learning what the industry has to offer and gaining real-world experience. 


Reach Out to Us

Our team would love to connect with you and develop your brand into something you’re truly proud of. We look forward to hearing from you.

Now accepting clients for Fall 2021

Thanks for submitting!

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