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How to Make Impressive Snapchat Videos

By: Aaliyah Turner

I’ve been a Snapchat user since the app’s big premiere in 2011. Honestly, it’s a fantastic app for staying connected (visually) with your friends and family. Creating colorful masterpieces and sending them straight to your friends.! But, – since 2011 Ssnapchat has become so much more than just funny selfies and “Story time” videos, it’s a bridge to connect the world. With the recently added “explore” page and the ever-changing news feed of company snapchat stories updated daily there’s never a dull moment. In order to keep up with all the advancements snapchat is making one must maintain an interesting and appealing story daily. Here’s how you can gain more followers and make consistently interesting stories for your followers.

This easy guide should help you create interesting snaps and have an Impressive Snapchat Story

Choose a Theme or Color Scheme

As you have learned from childhood and fairytales- all good stories have plots. Your Snapchat Story should be about something, even if it's as simple as waking up or getting ready for a night out. Without a plot, your Snapchat Story will be nothing more than a fragmented assembly of random snap shots gin your day. Every good narrative needs a steady pace, but on Snapchat, the flow of your story determines how much of it people will watch. For videos, try to break up longer shots into two smaller ones. With photos, I try to never set the timers over five seconds. By keeping your cuts short, you'll keep your stories moving.

Choose Creative Angels and Shots

Try to avoid shooting everything from the same perspective. If you just shot a monologue while holding your phone above your head in your right hand, maybe switch hands, or put the phone below you and look down at it for the next shot. Whatever you do, don't repeat shots too often. This will keep your Story visually interesting.

Tips for Video:

Look at the camera when you're talking

It's a natural tendency to look at your screen when you're shooting in selfie mode, because you want to see

a) if you look good

b) if the photo or video is properly framed But if you're speaking into the camera during your story, and you're not looking directly into its lens, it can be disorienting to your viewers, because your eyes are constantly tilted slightly away from them.

Give yourself a soundtrack

Let's say you're shooting video of yourself in the mirror getting ready for a big date. That's a great shot. But there's no unique sound associated to it, so set it to your favorite song to make it more compelling and interesting.

Use Emojis!

You already know how to include emojis in the text you type on the screen. You can also add another layer to your snap with emojis. When you click that little folded-paper icon next to the "T" in the lower-right corner of your screen. By adding layers and pop art your photo becomes more colorful; and in creative!

Don't be afraid to reshoot stuff

Snapchat Stories look and feel live, but they're not -- you can review your shot before uploading it. If it looks bad, take it again! Try over and over again until your get the PERFECT snap.


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