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Cultivating Confidence as a Student in the Advertising Industry

By Haley Wineman

Having confidence in the knowledge and skills learned in school and to be able to put them into practice in the job field is a daunting task, especially when breaking into the advertising industry.

Advertising is an extremely dynamic field calling upon interpersonal, technological and creative expertise. It can seem nearly impossible to stand where giants in the advertising industry stand as someone with only a few years of college under their belt, like me. While it may be easy to settle for a job that does not inspire you, students can cultivate, nurture and employ their confidence to push them further and to reach their professional goals.

One major factor I have found to build my confidence is getting an internship. While getting an internship is not exactly easy, it allows students to get experience working in different office environments, meeting deadlines and creating real work while still being able to learn and try new things. While some internships can last years, others may last only a semester or two. Every internship that I have worked at has given me a different perspective when it comes to approaching projects, organization and communication that I have carried with me to my next job.

Another factor in building confidence in your skills has to do with building your network. Have you ever noticed that you probably feel more comfortable in a classroom full of your friends than in a room full of strangers? It’s the same when it comes to work and interviews. It may seem awkward to reach out to someone in the advertising industry who you admire or who you have questions for, but a well-worded email or introduction can go a long way. I have met up with multiple designers, copywriters and account executives during my time in college and always leave feeling more calm, connected and inspired. Meeting industry professionals, asking them questions or even shadowing them in their office will give you job insight and network connections that will make it easier for you to feel comfortable when talking to, meeting with and being interviewed by professionals like them.

Having confidence in yourself and your skills will take you far in the advertising industry. Although, having the confidence to grow your knowledge, try new things and to become more connected will take you even further.


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