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Calling Can Make All the Difference

By: Carter Spindler

Nowadays, everyone is trying to land an internship. Having an internship and gaining experience is what gives people the edge and knowledge on what they want to do after they graduate. In the world today, businesses are starting to care more and more about the experience and how much hands-on work you have done.

During the process of trying to find an internship, my dad told me, "Try not to only apply but call the companies as well. It will look like you really care and want the position that badly." Before he told me this, I would have never even thought about doing this. I thought it would be the luck of the draw. So, I took his advice and started applying and calling the companies and positions I was interested in.

I was fortunate enough to land an internship this past summer. It was my first ever job that related to what I wanted to go into. I was terrified and nervous at the same time, but I knew it was going to be a fun ride. 

About halfway through the summer, I was curious as to how I was the one who had gotten the internship. To get the feedback on why they chose me, I scheduled a meeting with my mentor to dive in a little more on the process that they went through to narrow down candidates. After asking him multiple questions about resumes and prior experience, I asked him if it was when I called and followed up and thanked the company for letting me apply for the summer internship program. 

Right then and there, he looked at me and said, "That was one of the main reasons we were so impressed. Anyone can apply and wait to hear back from the company. It's the people that call and take the initiative that companies want to work for them."

Turns out the advice my dad gave me wasn't too shabby. Calling shows you will do anything to get the position. Do you want that position or internship? PICK UP THE PHONE AND CALL!!!!!!


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