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Failure is Success

By: Daril Asran

This year: Fail! Next year: Fail! Following year: Fail! Failing was somewhat a norm for me growing up. Even when I try my best, I still fail. I kept asking myself, “Why am I not capable of succeeding like the other students?” Due to these failures, I kept changing my career goal until the point where my family and I continuously questioned whether I can support myself in the future or not. As I went to University, and decided on a major and career I wanted to pursue, I realized that those continuous failures have led me to a road to success after all. I discovered that trying my best have never been the best option while doing better in every moment brings me to a whole new level. Failures have structured a picture in what I am capable of doing while enjoying it all at the same time.

I started out wanting to be a doctor, then a lawyer, and now my main goal is to own my very own Broadcast or TV Production house. Some might say it is a downgrade, but I would see it as the perfect path as I actually understand and enjoy what I do. In public school back in my home country, there is a structure where students are divided into science, business, and art stream students. Apparently, that classification is based on how high our grades are academically. This structure has made the art stream students to be categorized as “students who aren’t doing so well in school” and possibly has no future; therefore, as an art stream student I was one of thosewho faced discimination for being in a “low-standard” class. Yes, my grades were not high but I personally chose to go into that specific class due to my personal interest in art. However, I still had the mindset of being a failure. Though I’ve never let it affect me too personally; instead, I used it as a substance of motivation to try harder.\

I still did not do too well in highschool but going into University, I’ve put into heart all my

failures and from there, I used it as a stepping stone to keep encouraging myself to do better.

There will always be those who are better than you, and you may never even know it. That is

why, everyday, I make it a priority to improve skills or learn something new. Everything you learn and any sort of improvement you make will eventually accumulate to your personal progression and then it won’t matter if you failed getting there. From here on out, failure can hardly demotivate me. I always keep my optimism, and if I do not succeed, I learn something in order to do better in the future. A line I would adhere to is, “It is better if you fail and learn something rather then succeeding and learn nothing”. I can safely say that the path I am on right now is due to the failures I’ve gone through, while I still do encounter failure during my University life. Failure and struggles have been a substance of many successful people these days and the thing that differs them from those who failed and did not succeed are determination and optimism. Never give up if you fail, especially if you encounter it for the first time after many years; do not back down. Fight it as hard as you can, and be optimistic about doing so, as you paint a picture of what you might achieve in the future. Action always speaks louder than words. Do not even bother complaining about your failure and putting it on others. Your failure is always about yourself and you have to always learn from it. In other words, I can say that failure is indeed success.


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