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Create Opportunities to be Inspired

Updated: Oct 17, 2018

By Davita Dick

Everyone has heard of writer’s block, but did you know designers have it too? As a designer, I am constantly trying to think of new ideas, refine work and problem solve. However, sometimes I just get stuck. It’s as if I have forgotten how to be creative, which is why it’s important to create opportunities to be inspired. In order to be creative, you have to feed creativity. Here are my tips to keep being inspired:

1. Step Beyond Your Comfort Zone and Expand It

Everyone has a comfort zone; it allows us to stay grounded and remain true to our core selves. However, every once in awhile we need to take a step outside that zone. I’ll be the first one to admit I love my comfort zone, but I wouldn’t be who I am today if I hadn’t left it for a while. One of the scariest, biggest steps I took was to become more talkative. I have always been a listener, but once I allowed myself to talk to people more often, I began to have amazing conversations that brought great inspiration for my design work.

2. Actually Expect Inspiration

Sometimes inspiration isn’t out in the open. Inspiration can be found in the small moments around you or it’s hidden away just waiting to be discovered. For this reason I like to keep an observative eye whenever I’m out and about just in case I find something that sparks my interest. For instance, I was recently taking pictures around town and saw a colorful blur out of my peripheral. This blur turned out to be an illustrated chalk art piece that had a message about keeping the city storm drains clean. How creative!

3.Become a Wanderer

Traveling is a great way to keep creativity flourishing. Exploring places you go only a few times a year or a new place entirely can spark emotional health. I experience greater self-confidence, outwardness, open mindedness and conscientiousness when I travel, and all of those things directly relate to my ability to imagine and sustain a strong flow of creativity.

4. Stay Educated

I recently attended the AIGA National Design Conference and it was an amazing opportunity to learn about what people in my line of work are doing. Needless to say there isn’t anything quite like being in a huge building filled with people who nerd out on the same things you do. Besides going to conferences, meetups, tours and conventions; other ways to stay educated include reading articles and books, watching tutorials and viewing documentaries or videos based on what you are interested in.

5. Make Human Connections

Let’s talk networking. Actually, the right word would be relationships. Making time to build relationships with people is essentially time that is gained. I have noticed that whenever I take the time to have conversations with friends, family and even strangers I allow myself to understand new perspectives, beliefs and ideas. It is through the conversations that I have with people that I become inspired and use it to inform my creativity.


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