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Spring 2024 Applications Now Open!

What It Means to Be a Jachter

At Jacht, we develop our talent and impact each semester and give students the experience to propel them into notable careers. Jacht lays the groundwork for future connections and opportunities from coast to coast. From Amazon to Buzzfeed, past members set sail from Jacht and make big waves in the industry.

Perks & Benefits


The Jacht Pro initiative encompasses the aspects of mentorship and professional development training.  Jacht Pro provides a platform for building strong connections with professionals working in advertising, marketing, and public relations. Jachters get the opportunity to request specific industry professionals to be invited to speak at Jacht as a guest speaker. Gain the most to-date knowledge of what life as a professional in the industry looks like as Jacht Pro speakers in various career stages share their insights on post-grad life. Speaker topics also include exploring new career opportunities, being realistic in job searching, preparing for job interviews, and cultivating diversity and inclusion in agency culture.

Jacht Pro

Our collection of Jacht alums share work or scholarship opportunities with fellow Jachters.


Clients pay for our services and the funds go into maintaining Jacht’s smooth running.


Get exclusive Jacht brand merchandise to show off that Jacht swag.


Jachters are encouraged to find the space where they are most productive, be it our office space or the coffee shop around the corner.

Alumni Network
Real Work for Real Clients
Jacht Swag
Flexible Work Environment
Earn Credit Towards Your Degree

ADPR 329/BRDC 329

An elective for undergraduate students of all colleges, fulfilling the 300/400-Level class requirement

ADPR 429/BRDC 429

A choice as the undergraduate capstone (ACE 10) for College of Journalism and Mass Communication students

ADPR 829/BRDC 829

An elective for graduate students of all colleges

Please reach out to your college's advisor to see how Jacht credits apply to your degree.

*Non-COJMC majors do not need to fulfill perquisites* 


Available Positions

Broaden your horizons by taking on the real-world in one of the many positions Jacht has to offer.

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Account Executive

Account executives act as the intermediary between clients and Jacht. It is their job to ensure smooth communication between clients and the team, keeping everyone on the same page. Once strategists set the strategy, account executives keep the team on-track and update all stakeholders on project progression.

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Business Developer

Business development specialists are responsible for brainstorming and implementing Jacht’s internal and external growth opportunities. They are the first point of contact between potential clients and Jacht, initiating all proposal files, MOUs and payment schedules to help bring in new clients.

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Brand Strategist

Brand strategists conduct research based on the client’s objectives and inform the team on audience and market insights. This research is crucial as it will influence the rest of the creative process. 

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Photographers work to capture events, people, and spaces, framing and editing every shot to fit within each brand’s scheme. They take photos that highlight and elevate content to create memorable stories.



Videographers use their expertise and knowledge on all types of video equipment to create appealing and vibrant visual content that brings Jacht’s vision to life.


Multimedia Strategist

Multimedia strategists pool their talents and resources with photographers and videographers to design and create multimedia content strategies. 



Copywriters craft versatile, compelling copy to illustrate brand stories and raise awareness. They generate original copy ideas for our diverse range of clients in the brand’s voice, ensuring the company grabs their target audience’s attention.

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Graphic Designer

Graphic designers create visual elements to communicate our clients’ brand messages and engage the audience. They inspire, inform, and captivate consumers with their designs on websites, videos, and print mediums. 


Web Designers

Web designers assist in developing attractive and functional client websites. They design each site’s layout and organize the information in a way that is visually pleasing and logical. 

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Social Media Strategist

Social media strategists create content calendars with original, high-quality content on various social platforms. They design social media strategies that ensure the social media presence of Jacht and our clients stay on brand at all times.


PR Specialist

PR specialists are responsible for upholding clients’ reputations and managing their relationships with key stakeholders, including developing media kits and press releases. They also generate media exposure and coverage for various initiatives, events, promotions and sponsorships.

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Diversity and Inclusion Specialist

The D&I Specialist helps advance Jacht’s diversity and inclusion initiatives, coordinating new members’ recruitment, leading the D&I Committee, and enhancing the agency’s workplace culture.

Spring 2024 Applications Open!

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