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Why It Is Important To Live A Positive Life.


24 hours. Every day we are given 24 hours to live our lives. As we get older, time becomes more precious. We need to take in every moment we have. When I was younger, I would always let the smallest scenarios ruin my day. It was not until I started my freshman year of high school that I knew those small things were not worth ruining a whole day. One of my favorite quotes is, “do not let one hour ruin the rest of your 23 hours.” Being positive makes a tremendous difference in your social and work life. It can also make you seem like a whole different person. Here are some of the most important reasons why looking on the bright side of life will make you excited to wake up every morning. 1. People can feel the kind of energy you give off. When you first meet someone, you are able to tell their moodjust from body language and eye contact. Think of it this way, you are always trying to sell yourself. NO ONE wants to work with someone who complains or eyerolls at every task they are asked to do. Be the person people get excited to work with. 2. DO NOT COMPLAIN TO BOND. This one is difficult for me too because it is SO easy to relate to someone by complaining. Every time I have to work on a Friday night, I will get a text from a co- worker saying, “Ugh I do not want to work at all, I hate it.” Of course, I agree and complain some more. But deep down I enjoy working. I am thankful to have a job and make money. Turn those little phrases into positives and you will see a huge change in your mindset. 3. Mistakes Happen Mistakes are inevitable. Every day we are learning and growing. You’ll often be pushed out of your comfort zone in the workplace, and you’ll probably have to work on projects you have no idea how to complete.  Look at these moments as opportunities to grow, and moments for improvement. No, it may have not been your best work, but remember to be positive about the situation and know there is always room to improve and do more. You are human. You do not have to be perfect. 4.Confidence My last tip would be to own who you are. One phrase I live by (as you can tell I’m a fan of quotes) is “BANJI,” which stands for, “be authentic; never jeopardize individuality.” Do not be afraid to be yourself, and don’t surround yourself with people who don’t accept you for you.. Be confident in your abilities. If you take bad ass photos, don’t be afraid to post them. If you’re amazing with people, go out there and connect with a client. And if you’re clever with captions, be as witty as possible. Do not let a petty world hide your authentic self.

​-Tanya Garcia 


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