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Finding Your Path in College

By: Noel Hrnchir

College. It’s so fun and exciting, yet so stressful and overwhelming. You’re forced to make decisions constantly.

My freshman year, I struggled to find my own path. I started as a business administration major because everyone else was majoring in business. I was not super drawn to business classes, so I switched to another passion of mine – nutrition. I took chemistry and biology. It was tough, and I learned that I was missing the creative side of my life.

After talking with my friends and family, I decided to embark on another journey and majored in broadcasting and journalism a year later. Although I was enjoying my journalism classes, I still felt a little out of place. A woman who worked at an advertising agency and majored in advertising and public relations spoke to my journalism class. During her talk, I felt like I connected with her in a way that I did not with my journalism-major peers. It piqued my interest in advertising.

I decided to switch my major last summer and have not looked back since. I have found so much joy in strategic writing and content creating. Since working at Jacht this semester, my decision to major in advertising has only been further solidified. I have learned how to work with clients, cooperate with co-workers and create valuable content. The experience is invaluable and makes me so excited to work at an advertising agency in the future.

So if you are a college freshman and are super confused about your future like I once was, don’t panic! You will find your path through trial and error – even if it takes some time.


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